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Currently I can host up to 8 kid's for a Kid's Pizza Party during
business hours but can accomodate more if we plan the party earlier around 2 - 3pm. We open at 4 pm and I prefer to have our dining room available to our regular guests so the latest we want to plan a large party is 3pm.

Each younster will be given a chef hat, apron, dough, sauce cup, mozzarella cheese cup, pepperoni, or pineapple (choice of two toppings) enough to make their small pizza. Lemonade or juice boxes are included as well as chocolate chip cookie or scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream. Cost is $10.00 per child with a minimum of 4 plus tax and 18% tip.

The area is set with tables covered with butcher block paper and chairs have colorful balloons. We place birthday banners around the restaurant at the entrance and on the walls near the tables to make it festive if the event is a birthday party.

Once the pies are created, (parents bring your cameras this is a must see) our staff bakes their creations while the kids decorate their pizza boxes and play UNO. They are encouraged to draw on the table paper, we provide crayons.

If you are celebrating a very special day and want to bring a cake, plates, napkins, candles, etc. just let me know. If you want me to supply the cake or dessert specialties for the kids like spumoni sundaes or cannolis, I can accomodate. If there is a theme, I will provide accessories at an additional fee.

We designate one server for our little guests and we have staff to take care of the adults. We offer full menu for the adults and have beer and wine.

We also have outside seating for up to 12 and once the weather gets a little cooler, we can host the party outside on our patio if you want.

Call 751-0333 for your kid's pizza party at Vertoris!



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